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Mary Barton

Cena:  3,55 € s DPH
Mary Barton was only one of several books written in the 1840s out of what came to be known as the "condition of England" question. But Mrs …

Tongue first

Cena:  4,80 € s DPH
Sex...Drugs...Sensory deprivation...Strip shows...Freak shows...Rolfing... With a light touch and open mind, Emily Jenkins takes us on a …

Atlantis - The antediluvian world

Cena:  15,55 € s DPH
This book is an attempt to demonstrate several distinct and novel propositions. These are: 1. That there once existed in the Atlantic Ocean, …

Find Word

Cena:  1,10 € s DPH
Find the Word Puzzles are relaxing and enjoyable to solve.Look for the list of words, in capital letters, hidden in the diagram of letters …

Fathers and sons

Cena:  4 € s DPH
Arkady Kirsanov has just graduated from the University of Petersburg and returns with a friend, Bazarov, to his father's modest estate in an …

Digital Fortress

Cena:  6,36 € s DPH
When the National Security Agency’s invincible code-breaking machine encounters a mysterious code it cannot break, the agency calls in its head …

The charismatic phenomenon

Cena:  1,10 € s DPH
The gifts of speaking in tongues, healing, receiving visions, working miracles, casting out demons, and prophesying have all come back in this …

The Pursuit of holyness

Cena:  1,10 € s DPH
Jerry Bridges is Vice President for Corporate Affairs of The Navigators. He formerly served as Treasure od The Navigators as well as in …

All things Weird and Wonderful

Cena:  1,10 € s DPH
My initial interest in writing this book was sparked by the response I received from a number of people to whom I preached a brief series of …

Mythus about Missions

Cena:  1,10 € s DPH
The conviction that much of our missionary thinking is based on myths, rather that on biblical truth, had been with me for a long time. The …

God's Outlaw

Cena:  1,10 € s DPH
The biography has every ingredient of a thrilling story - king cardinal, secret agents, betrayer and fugitive. It ist set in the colorful and …

Sisters of the Confederacy

Cena:  1,10 € s DPH
Fleeing Kentucky with her regtag band of freed slaves and Throughbred horses, Jesselynn Highwood discovers her destination in Missouri has been …
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