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Jeremy, Barnabas, and the wonderful dream

Cena:  6 € s DPH
Jeremy threw back the big quilt. Was it the chickadees chitchatting on the windowsill that woke him?.... Autor: Joni Eareckson …

Alistair Cooke's America

Cena:  7,70 € s DPH
During the First World War, I was a small boy in Blackpool, a seaside town on the northwest coast of England, which was then the summertime …

Portrait of the USA

Cena:  3,50 € s DPH
People, Geography, History, Government, Business, Education, Science and Medicine, Religion, Social services, the Arts, Sports and …

Reader in Modern American Literature

Cena:  5,20 € s DPH
The book comes sequel to the Reader in modern american literature (1917-1941) compiled by the same authors in 1974. The volume covers the 40s …

W. Irving, N. Hawthorne, E.A. Poe, H. Melville

Cena:  3,55 € s DPH
Literárna príručka popisujúca dielo a život štyroch významných literátov: Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe a Herman …

America - A photographic journey

Cena:  7,20 € s DPH
To try to capture, in words and pictures, the rich variety of the scenery and people of the United States of America, is a considerable task. …

A victorian poacher

Cena:  4,20 € s DPH
"I have spent hours in that lane sitting like a cat. The more quiet you sit, the better chance of getting Game.".... Autor: James Hawker

Along the journey river

Cena:  4,55 € s DPH
When irreplaceable Ojibwa artefacts are stolen from the school on the Ojibwa Red Earth reservation, the community turns to Renee LaRoche, a …


Cena:  6,60 € s DPH
Jo returns to London after spending a years in a leaky tent at Greenham Common, to write a play about the first world war. In search of …

Setting Free the Bears

Cena:  5,20 € s DPH
When the Soviet Army entered Vienna in the closing days of World War II, every animal was gone from the Vienna Zoo, they were probably eaten by …


Cena:  5,20 € s DPH
Possession is an exhilarating novel of wit and romance, at once a literary detective novel and a triumphant love story. It is the tale of a …

The other mother

Cena:  4,80 € s DPH
How to be an Almost-Perfect Mother-in-law...Here's How to: ... make friends with your new in-laws ... improve communication with the …
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